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Hi! My name is Keeva! I am healthy, happy, and full of nurturing LOVE! Please take the time to read my happy tail! I am just one reason to remember Wally's Friends in your year-end giving.

My name was not always Keeva. Until March 3rd, 2015, I was called "Mama" because I was almost always pregnant with litters of puppies. I never knew what happened to all those puppies. My life was an endless cycle of pain and sorrow. I looked dreadful and my ribs always showed because I had very little food and slept outside in the cold without any shelter. Under those conditions, I could never fully recover from one litter to the next.

After my "owner" beat me with a baseball bat, I had severe nerve damage to my right front leg. Walking was excruciating and I could only use my painful, injured leg as a crutch. Nearby neighbors took me in after they discovered my "owner" had beaten me and then abandoned me when they moved. Though they were very poor, they were compassionate. On March 3rd they took me to Wally's Friends to be spayed.

I remember so many happy, loving people there talking about me and begging me to respond to them. I was frozen in fear and laid as flat as possible in my kennel. The spay surgery was especially hard on my depleted body, but with fluid therapy, antibiotics, and TLC I was able to recover quickly with my new friends by my side.

My new friends at Wally's named me Keeva, Irish for gentle beauty! Everyone seemed to love me but I did not understand the great new chapter about to unfold for me! For almost three months I held on to my fear, especially fear of the dark, and had to be carried outside to potty!

I had never walked on human floors. Slowly, I began to learn new things and respond to the staff, who were always patient and loving with me. I gained weight, went for car rides, and once I was strong enough, had my painful leg amputated! When that was healed, I finally felt like smiling!

Now I live with a wonderful family where I have lots of room to run and play, and I sleep with them in their bed! Just look at these photos to understand my journey. I am just ONE of so many that Wally's has helped. YES, they perform thousands of spays and neuters every year to stop pet overpopulation, and they also do their best to find solutions for dogs and cats in need, just like me.

Although I am happy with my new family, I am saddened by the fact that I will never know what happened to all of my puppies. There just are not enough homes. Like they say at Wally's, "How do you save 100 homeless animals? Just spay ONE."

This is why I ask you to support Wally's Friends in this season of giving. You see, that's something else that I have now, confidence. Being a spokesdog for Wally's Friends is my way of giving back to them!


P.S. Watch me explore my new home with joy on YouTube! (Then hit the back arrow to return to my page.)

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